“Lessons from interviewing hundreds of (mostly unprepared) applicants?”

In this talk, I will help graduates and students understand the interview process from the other side of the table which will increase the chance of landing that job offer! I’ll share the mistakes that most people make in interviews, as well as some of the techniques and traits that the very best candidates have in common.

My name is Darwin and I have heard every evolution joke ever made!

I help future awesome leaders break through barriers to be whom they were meant to be. To be successful in life and career, everyone must first lead themselves well – for this reason I now speak and do leadership and career coaching.

I have worked in the IT industry for 2 decades with most my career in a leadership capacity. I have interviewed hundreds and hundreds of applicants and noticed that most people do not prepare for the interview!

Many applicants could have landed a job offer if they prepared intentionally beforehand – often with just a few short hours.

A decade ago, I learned a life-changing lesson which made me realize the importance of seizing the opportunities in life and accelerating towards our potential; I faced a near-death experience that led to PTSD, and my recovery led to the difficult realization that I was making a living and not living my life. My life changed then, as I realized that I was not multiplying the talents that were given to me and was not on pace to realize my God-given potential.

I am passi​onate about leadership and have been leading teams for many years, both professionally as well as personally. I was a national champion in the sport of dragon boat and coached a World Championship team in 2014. I have been Coach of the Canadian National Para Dragon Boat team.

I have been coached and raced with a number of Olympians and Olympic coaches. It was obvious to me that people at that level had habits, traits, and behaviors that made them exceptional and which helped them to break through barriers. I have a natural curiosity and have always to find out what makes the elite … elite. This became the subject of my podcast, EvolutionOfLeaders.com. I have had the opportunity to interview business leaders, World & Olympic Champions, World Record holders, and other exceptional individuals from all walks of life.

Sports is an interesting microcosm of life with its “binary” aspect of win-loss, but the lessons from sport really reflect life. For instance, 1984 Olympic Gold Medallist Larry Cain started at the back of his training group but gradually made his way through visualization, perseverance, grit, and a legendary work ethic.

I look forward to evolving with you on your leadership journey. The future awesome person is you!

Web Site: www.evolutionofleaders.com