Cathlyn Melvin

Actor and Teaching Artist

The Profound Secret They’ll Never Tell You About Feeling Stuck on the “Treadmill of Life”

People often talk about life as a treadmill (we’re tied to careers and relationships; we should “finish what we start”), but that myth keeps us stuck running in place; when we learn the secret to making the treadmill disappear—poof!—we’re free to forge our own new path forward

After a decade as an actor and teaching artist, Cathlyn earned a full-ride scholarship to a top-10 public law school and left the arts to study law.

That is, until she returned to the arts a few months later.

Now happily a copywriter for mission-driven businesses, Cathlyn encourages people of all ages and circumstances to live their values and forge their own paths forward, even if it means making a scary jump to the side first.

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