AJ MacQuarrie


A.J. MacQuarrie is an entrepreneur who has been through it all; from the highs of turning a $20,000 investment into a multi-million dollar business to the lows of sitting in bankruptcy court.

He is the former CEO of KarmaBox Vending, one of the world’s first healthy vending companies that expanded to over 80 cities across the United States in just 3.5 years (ultimately failing due to a bad business model and rapid growth).

He then launched his current venture,Keep Going Media, to help entrepreneurs spark growth through brand development, digital marketing, and online programs.

A.J. is the author of the forthcoming book “The Setback Advantage: Crafting Your Entrepreneurial Comeback After Failures, Flukes, & F-Ups” and the co-host of the 40 Under 40 Podcast.